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Director Zlata Zujic

I’m Zlata, Director of Independent Life Home Care in Las Vegas, NV. Like the clients I serve each day, I also live with a disability. My personal experiences have shown me just how important the relationship between caregiver and client is; you need someone you trust, as their skill ability and professionalism will play a huge role in your care.

Because of my personal experiences, it has become my mission to give everyone a personalized level of attention as they make important choices about their care. We devote a significant amount of time to developing a relationship with every client. We want to know about your preferences and needs, and discover your personality. Using this information, we can find you an in-home caregiver who is both capable and compassionate, who will have a positive impact in your life.

Independent Life Home Care is a licensed Nevada home health care agency. The Las Vegas PCAs we employ provide professional home care assistance to meet your varying needs. Our daily services include assistance with:

      » Hygiene, grooming and bathing
      » Shopping and errands
      » Meal prep
      » Housekeeping and chores

Finding you the perfect in-home care giver is only part of my job. I also serve as a dedicated advocate for our clients. I have learned of many programs through my personal research that are available to disabled persons like you and me. Let me connect you with the resources available and help you apply to the programs you qualify for. Resources are available to make your home more accessible and safer while improving your quality of life, helping you stay in your home comfortably.

Insurance can be a pain to deal with, and it can take months to get answers; don’t let insurance issues discourage you. I am an expert when it comes to navigating through insurance issues, and I am happy to help you. I can assist you in applying for coverage through Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance, as well as apply for benefits from social security or disability. I am also here to educate you on your rights, and help you gain employment if you’d like. My life’s work is to advocate for those in need, and I’d like to put my years of knowledge to work for your benefit.

If you are a disabled individual or senior in need of caregiver services or have an issue in which you need an advocate, please contact me as I am happy to help you, regardless of your use of Independent Life Home Care’s services. Contact me anytime at (702) 871-2273 to schedule a time for us to meet one-on-one to discuss your needs.